We have been working on how you access the shows online, at the moment there is a cost involved in broadcasting the audio stream alone of around £100 a year, something that I pay for (with the help of our 2 Patreons).

We have been recently using Twitch to give you the added attraction of seeing our lovely faces while we broadcast, and with this is the benefit of streamlining the chat and audio too all into 1 page.

People visiting this website is very important to the future of the station, so we have added the Twitch feed to this page below and we will be looking into removing the audio only feed soon.

Tune in LIVE

Clicking play on the player below should work on most devices...

Wise Chat
Only logged in users are allowed to enter the chat

If the main player doesn't work, you can try the links below for the media player you want to try!

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