Over the past few weeks, the world has been very different for everyone around the world and it has affected us as much as anyone.

In many ways it has brought good and bad changes, but still we march on.

Firstly, I must thank Jules Little for his input, what started as looking for somewhere to broadcast a single show while in lockdown has turned into a phenomenom, the crowds he draws with his infectious personailty and left of field song choices has really added another dimension to the stations output.

We are also looking at some other presenters to join the fold here and hopefully that will happen over the coming weeks.

Running this station is done solely by me – Stuart Marks – I join in with a couple of shows a week and would love for you to join me and participate in the show in the same way you support Jules, it would mean eveything to me, I do everything on this station from managing the website, answering the emails, sorting the music and all of the graphic design, if you see it on the website/social it usually comes from me.

The whole project costs time and money to run and we need this to continue, recently we have added broadcasting via Twitch to our ‘ways to listen’ and this has proven very popular, allowing us to remove our own chat from the website and replace it with the ‘Twitch’ experience. This does put us in a quandry as we pay monthly for the ‘Audio Only’ stream which is getting used less and less in favour of the Twitch stream, we do still have users listening through audio only and the ‘Smart Speaker’ integration will only work using this stream, so there are decisions to be made going forward and funding is a serious part of that.

If you can help, please pop across to our patreon page and subscribe to keep us online